Our Story My personal quest for the perfect blanket

The story of Little Gabies began in 2013 with my personal quest for the perfect blanket for my first-born, Caleb. Admittedly an overprotective and excited first-time mom, I was on a mission to find a soft, cozy, natural, and unique blanket that I could rely on. While considering the many options available in the market, I kept thinking about and returning to something so familiar and personal- the traditional Ethiopian Gabi. I wanted to honor my rich heritage, source locally, and create something that embodied the very same loving and warm tradition that I was raised in. I also wanted to create a product with a distinctive and unique touch suited for the joy and lighthearted fun that babies represent.

Countless hours of work, collaboration with many skilled artisans and craftsman, and testing (with my own family as the guinea pig), gave birth to a unique line of baby blankets that I now share with you. Each fiber and thread represents a true labor of love. Our rich and uniquely spun threads breathe life into our beautiful blankets. Our family of skilled spinners, weavers, and embroiders work to ensure the same level of quality with each and every Gabi. Every single product is a uniquely designed blanket with a distinctive story.

My personal commitment is to make each and every customer a happy member of the Little Gabies family while offering a line of products with incredible quality. I am honored by the faith you place in purchasing our product and view it as my responsibility to provide you with an experience that earns your trust. Little Gabies strives to share a piece of the warmth that I and every household in Ethiopia have experienced for generations.

I truly hope you enjoy our products! From our family to yours...




 Amelsa Yazew

What We Value Sustainability and the Environment

In making the finest blankets, we also strive to protect the environment and ensure the well being of our skilled craftsmen and women. We are committed to maintaining a pesticide-free environment by sourcing our cotton from small-scale organic and traditional farmers. Our priority as a company is supporting and nurturing our staff and ensuring a safe, fair, and sustainable work environment. Our team includes weavers, spinners and embroiders collaboratively working to make our unique baby blankets. Our workshop is not just a work place but also a home and our artists aren’t only colleagues but a family.


How We Work Our Process and Commitment to Quality

Our hand weaving is an intricate and skillful process that results in luxuriously textured two layers of fabric, stitched together to create the perfect material for your baby’s delicate skin. The weaving results in Gabies that are both warm and breathable, making it the ideal blanket for all seasons. Every Little Gabi is a product of an Ethiopian tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. For as long as history remembers, women and men have mastered the art of spinning cotton by hand, weaving to produce traditional scarves, Gabies and attire while incorporating intricate embroidering to add a distinctive look to finished products. Our methods and raw materials have stood the test of time making them a rare commodity in the mechanized world. Most of all, we are proud in preserving this beautiful culture that we call ours.

Finally, our Gabies are washed, ironed, and packaged in distinctively designed boxes for your enjoyment.


Our Products Sharing a Piece of Warmth from our Family, to Yours


babies-and-toddlersBabies & Toddlers

Every mom's priority in life is to provide her child safety and comfort. With this in mind, these blankets are created for your precious one to snug as a bug and sleep comfortably. Little Gabies are made from the most natural of earth born elements and come in various "Tilet" (borders), and in over 20 embroidery designs.

material-iconMaterial: Double layered 100% woven cotton

dimension-iconSizes: Small [31.5in X 47in], Medium [40in x 60in]

age-iconAges: Small [0-1 yrs], Medium [2-8 yrs]

Breathable, cozy and gets softer with every wash, machine wash cold, tumble dry low


mommy-and-meMommy & Me

Little Gabies are not only for babies but for moms too. The luxurious blankets (designed/intended) for adults are made up of 2 layers of 100% hand-woven cotton. (and go on wight the rest of the sentence).

material-iconMaterial: Double layered 100% woven cotton

dimension-iconSize: 67in X 62in

age-iconAges: Adults & Babies

Breathable, cozy and gets softer with every wash, machine wash cold, tumble dry low

babies-and-toddlersCashmere Gabi

Our Gabies just got softer! Little Gabies is excited to offer you this exclusive, one of a kind traditional cotton Gabi mixed with Mongolian cashmere. Cashmere is a beautiful natural fiber, soft, warm and resilient. In our designs we strive to combine the spirit of this luxurious fiber with raw Ethiopian cotton to bring your child true luxury and comfort.

Using the same intricate hand weaving process, we have mixed the finest Mongolian cashmere yarns that is processed straight from the heart of the Mongolian highlands together with our existing handpicked 100% cotton to bring u the softest, most luxurious blanket for your child. Our products are beautiful and useful, and they will live in your children’s closets for years to come.


material-iconMaterial: Mongolian cashmere and Ethiopian cotton

dimension-iconSizes: Small [31.5in X 47in], Medium [40in x 60in]

age-iconAges: Small [0-1 yrs], Medium [2-8 yrs]

Breathable, cozy and gets softer with every wash, machine wash cold, tumble dry low



footwearBaby Footwear

Little Gabies soft soles are designed with your active baby in mind. Constructed from premium sheepskin leather, they are designed and handmade with great care, for young developing feet. Our signature soft soles allow your child to feel the floor beneath them, while providing the right amount of protection and durability. Our elasticized opening, makes wear and removal a breeze.  

We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, quality products. We enjoy the process of making each pair of shoes and sincerely hope you love your Little Gabies footwear. 



material-iconMaterial: 100% Premium Sheepskin Leather

dimension-iconSizes*: Small [4.13in], Medium [4.72in], Large [5.32in] 

age-iconAges: Small [0-6 months], Medium [6-12], Large [12-18]

 *Any other sizes can be custom ordered according to your needs.




Hand cut and made from premium sheep skin leather, our headbands are the perfect accessory for your baby! The leather bow and adjustable tie ensures a universal fit, that's comfortable and chic. They are simple, yet a total statement perfectly tied and unique in its own way.